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A company where people with dreams come together to make new dreams come true

A company that does not settle for today and continues to grow,   YSM Tech.

We set out to provide a new look, various services and products based on control technology. Based on motion control technology and robot control technology, automation equipment and provide process control technology;  We develop the applied technology and provide it to many customers.


YSM Technology is a company that pursues future happiness with advanced technologies and products by pioneering new fields such as ICT, AR & VR, METABUS, and environmental control systems, and striving for R&D for the future of today, rather than settling for today. it will become.

move team

  Think Innovation!! 

Time Innovation!!



12.   Established YS Mecatec Co., Ltd.


02.   NC development for glass processing machine
03.   Development of multi-axis feeding controller
05.   Ultrasonic inching system development
07.   Development of electric footrest drive system
12.     Started commercial operation of electric platform safety platform control system


01.   Development of stacked robot motion controller
02.   Developed high-speed AC electric driver
03.   Changed company name [YSM Tech Co., Ltd.] and moved to expansion
04.   Multi-CNC Perforator System Development 
05.   Developed large-capacity electric driver - tightening torque 500 [Nm]
06.   Development of temperature and humidity control system for agriculture
07.   Development of BIO environment control and signal processing system 
09.   Platform control signal multi-processing system development
10.   Development of environmental control VPN system for agriculture 
10.   Establishment R&D Institute


01.   Venture company certification
01.   1-axis universal motion controller CE standard certification
03.   Manufacturing factory registration
04.   System type environment controller development
06.   Multi-communication controller development
08.   Development of NC for high-speed horizontal machining machines
09.   Ver.2 Platform Safety Platform Daebang Station, Incheon Station, Eungbong Station Operation Started
10.   Development of safety sensor driven detection device
(Supplied to Samsung Electronics)
11.     CE compliant safety sensor driven sensing device
12.   Development of vertical sealing machine system
12.   Electric screwdriver CE standard certification


01.     Power driver Ver.2 development
02.   Development of 2-axis controller for high voltage ESD (25KV) preparation
04.   Power driver drive development
05.   PLC communication unit development
06.   Ver.3 platform safety scaffolding system development
07.   Development of high-temperature and high-speed bonding line system 
10.   Optical communication remote monitoring controller development 
11.     Optical communication remote input/output system development
12.   Relocation of the head office building


01.     Development of Power-Free Ethernet Switching Hub
02.   Platform contract in front of the platform (Gyeongma Park Station, Hannam Station, Paldang Station)
04.   Development of 4-head fastener and 5-head fastener
04.   3-head fastener development contract
05.   Installation of platform safety platform Ver.3 (Racing Park Station, Hannam Station, Paldang Station)
05.   Development of automatic screw feeder
08.   Developed and delivered side fastening screw feeder
11.     Developed screw feeder for fasteners


02.   Developed class large-capacity driver
03.   Developed 20KHz 2.6Kw ultrasonic oscillator
08.   Development of high-speed welding machine system
11.     Developed intelligent high-speed electric driver R.3


04.   Developed high-speed fastener R.2 
07.   Developed YMC-Mx2 Ver2 Motion Controller 
08.   INNO-BIZ Certification 


03.    원격 리모트 관제 시스템 개발
08.    모션제어용 Asic Design 개발 
10.     범용모션제어 플랫폼 보드 개발


02.    Ver.4 승강장 안전발판 개발 설치 (서울교통공사 시청역 외 5개역)
05.    핸디형 전동드라이버 개발 

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