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YSM Tech Co., Ltd.  We set out to provide a new look, various services and products based on control technology.  Based on motion control technology and robot control technology, we are expanding the scope of application by providing and applying automation equipment and process control technology.

Precision torque electric screwdriver is available from small capacity to large capacity, and equipped with special functions, it can be applied to nut runners and various industries.  In addition, the electric platform safety scaffolding system, which was commercialized for the first time in Korea, has its competitiveness and is developing and applying an intelligent control system based on its own technology and driving performance for 7 years.

YSM Tech does not settle for today,  By pioneering new fields such as ICT, augmented reality, and environmental control systems, and focusing on research and development, we will become a company that pursues future happiness with high-tech products.

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